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Chris's coaching options have been designed from the ground up to put you and your goals first. From one-on-one training in our private studio, to our renowned small group personal training and boot camp packages- everything we offer has been battle-tested over a decade in the field, to ensure the results you achieve are not only impressive in the short term- but also sustainable for life.



When you come in for your first personal training, Chris will perform a fitness assessment to determine the best training for you to achieve your goals. He will look for structural patterns in your movement, postural distortions, strength, cardio endurance, body movement, and measure body fat.



If you find a group setting to be more beneficial to your training, then our studio is a perfect choice for you! Chris will focus on balance, strength, and core training methods. Schedule group training with friends who are looking to reach a fitness goal.  The same training methods are used in both individual and group sessions.  He will teach each member of the group proper movement in each training method.


60 Minutes

6 Pack - $20/Session ($120/person)

12 Pack - $20/Session ($240/Person)



Have fun while achieving your goals! Get an extra push to achieve your goals with a full-body boot camp class that is designed to inspire and be fun. You'll be excited to come to each session and push your limits each week.



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